Songs for Sighing


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My new novel, Songs for Sighing, is just out as an ebook. I hope everyone, well, hundreds of people, will buy it. If enough copies are sold in the first few months to start a buzz, there’s a good chance it may also come out as a hard print book, which many of us love. Ebooks are cheap and convenient, a good way to decide whether we want a hard copy to keep on our shelves. Lots of us still want to smell the ink, riffle the pages, keep a finger in a favorite spot, sneak a peek at the last page or two. Thanks goodness we can have both. So what is Songs for Sighing about? It’s two women, an unschooled Indian villager and an American professional woman who comes to live in India with her family. Their lives entwine for a few years, then separate again and each follows her own path, stronger for the lessons she learned by observing and talking with the other. Read the first 30 pages by clicking on this link, and find you can’t stop with that. Songs for Sighing: “The dove croons country tunes; the nightingale serenades.”