Ronken Lynton

Ronnie-portrait1H. Ronken Lynton, the third woman on the Harvard Business School faculty, left there to move to India, where she and her British husband have spent weeks or full years in 55 of the last 58 years. In Hyderabad, a major city in the middle of India, they owned a house built of granite in the 1890s,. From there they could look across a narrow valley to Banjara Hills, on top of which panthers still played. They also lived in Karnataka, Gujarat, Delhi. Other countries where they have lived are Ceylon (SriLanka), Indonesia, and Botswana.

Lynton has worked as organizational consultant and trained faculty of institutions in researching materials for experience-based learning and using them for interactive teaching. Then she discovered the joys of archival research and launched into a different career: writing trade books.

Lynton and her husband live in North Carolina; they have three children and four grandchildren who live and work in the US, Europe, China, and South America.